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Daisy Keech OnlyFans is a celebrity on Instagram and now she is active on the OnlyFans platform as well. This 19-year-old has almost a million followers on the social network. Also, she is one of the fashion influencers in the United States.

It seems like a joke but no, it's all true. And is that Daisey Keech was quite tired of haters wondering if her perfect booty. That she by the way she does not stop showing on Instagram, was real or not.

Daisy Keech is a young model and influencer who became famous a couple of years ago thanks to her poses on Instagram. Since then, her fans have only increased, and she already has more than five million followers on her social network.

The controversy with Daisey Keech OnlyFans butt:

Last year, Daisey Keech suffered real harassment and takedown through her social network. Many accused her of having surgery. Since they considered that her ass was not natural. And to deny it, she put herself in the hands of a doctor. They officially certified that her butt was totally natural.

Daisy Keech's "official certification" was seen by thousands of fans through her YouTube channel. And in it, her doctor dedicated herself to making a very exhaustive analysis of the physical characteristics of the young woman's ass.

But if there is something that makes her different from the rest of her, it is this. Daisey is the first internet star to have an official certificate on her butt. And it is that many doubted that she was real. So, she went to the doctor to confirm that everything is natural, like life itself.

Daisy Keech has been playing sports since she was very young. Both in school and in high school, she played football non-stop for years.

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